Why Vacuuming Cannot Replace Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Almost every house has a vacuum cleaner for purpose of carpet cleaning. This machine is affordable and is good for day-to-day cleaning. Soil particles and dust can be easily removed from the carpet through this equipment. But, is it good for stains, mould, bacterial spread and odour? No! Vacuum cleaners are designed to clean the carpet surface and it is not a good idea to rely on them for deep cleaning of the carpet. The homeowner or a business owner should always trust professional carpet cleaners. Go through the points listed below to understand the advantages of professional cleaning over regular vacuuming:

1. Vacuum cleaners cannot remove odour

Carpet odour removal Canberra experts know various techniques that can remove the odour from the carpet completely. Methods like steam cleaning and hot water extraction kill the germs and remove the stain particles so efficiently that no odour is left after the cleaning. Vacuum cleaners can only collect the dust particles on the surface and cannot remove odour.

If you have a pet at home, then you should refrain from relying on vacuuming alone. The odour of pet’s urine cannot be left untreated because it invites the pets to the same place again and again. If you want the carpets to stay hygienic and durable for a long time, then reach out to the experts for odour removal.

2. Only experts can remove mould easily

Mould is a type of fungus that can spread rapidly. Vacuum cleaners can only clear them from the surface, but cannot deal with the source of the fungus. By contacting the mould removal Canberra experts, you can get long-lasting treatment of mould. The technicians use advanced methods to kill the spores and restrict the fungal spread. Also, they use mould cleaning products that are safe for the carpet threads. Booking carpet cleaning services is the only way to save the carpet from the destruction caused by mould.

3. Vacuum cleaners don’t work on stains

Stains from coffee, red wine, blood, vomiting, ink, cigarettes, and pet urine cannot be avoided easily because they are caused due to daily activities. Vacuuming is insufficient when it comes to stain removal. When you don’t take the expert services on time, the stains become stronger. Carpet cleaning specialists employ various procedures to clean the stains. Dry cleaning, steam cleaning, hot water extraction methods and carpet shampooing are some of the stain removal methods used by the experts.

4. Water damaged carpet can be cleaned only by professionals

Rainwater, dirty sewage water and greywater from dishwashers and washing machines sometimes accumulate on the floor covering. This situation facilitates the growth of mould inside the carpet. This condition is visible as white or multi-coloured fuzz on the carpet surface. Firstly, vacuuming cannot eliminate fungus. Secondly, it cannot treat the damage caused to the padding. Certified and trained mould removal Canberra professionals have the equipment and products that can clean the surface and also the padding of the carpet easily.

5. Get rid of skin infections and allergies

It is common among people to have skin infections and allergies when they frequently touch a dirty carpet. Filthy carpet provides a suitable environment for disease-causing bacteria, dust mites, fungus, and viruses to grow. These microorganisms become the chief reason behind the sickness of people. To save everyone from this problem, only trust the professionals. Regular vacuuming is not going to be effective in eradicating the allergens and pathogenic agents.

Just like other things at home, the carpet also needs regular maintenance. Though vacuum cleaning looks like a feasible option, it cannot be considered an effective choice. Right from carpet odour removal Canberra service to mould removal, all the carpet cleaning services are offered by reliable companies at affordable prices. So, choose the experts for carpet cleaning as it is related to your health.

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