Carpet Hot Water Extraction

After any water damage occurs, carpet hot water extraction is a critical step.

If it’s a storm, a spill, or an overflowing bath or drain, Carpet Hot Water Extraction must happen right away. That is why we have a water extraction facility that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Moisture Accidents

Moulding and mildew, as well as buckling baseboards, are all caused by excess moisture. We will strip any drop of moisture from your carpet to prevent moisture damage.


We just need the most reliable vacuum devices to remove water from your rugs. To minimize unnecessary moisture contamination, we also use dehumidifiers and blowers to ensure that the carpets are completely dry. If you’ve had a water loss, flooding, or leaks in your home, or if you’ve noticed an unusual odour or foggy windows, give us a call. We’ll inspect the infected areas, pinpoint the source of the infection, and then use water isolation and mould protection methods to keep your home free of moisture and mould hazards.

Reduction in Mould

We can deal with more than just flooding and leaks; we can also track moisture issues like water collecting in your window wells. It is important to locate all traces of moisture to eliminate the risk of mould. We treat contaminated areas not only to get rid of the mould that’s already there but also to keep it from growing again.

In Canberra, we have emergency flood/water damage restoration and repair, as well as wet carpet drying and cleaning services. Contact Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra. Right Away

Water and flood damage rehabilitation is the method of replacing and rebuilding damp flooring and wet construction materials that have been flooded as a result of water damage. Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra’s professionals are IICRC-certified and documented in water restoration damage (WRT). Our Canberra Carpet Hot Water Extraction systems are fully operational, using the most advanced equipment to dry all flooring and structures (walls, ceilings, etc.)

Our Carpet Hot Water Extraction team are found providing the best possible treatment before the situation worsens.

Canberra’s Leading hot water extraction carpet cleaning Company! 

When it comes to water damage, Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra’s experts are smart, competent, and fast, and they provide the requisite repair and restoration services. Regardless of how wet the flooring is due to water erosion or how much water intruded inside the building levels, our duties would remove excess water, reverse the damage, and restore the property to pre-loss condition. Knowing the correct available process and getting professional skills will help mitigate serious accidents like mould.

Of course, as soon as you become aware of the flooding or water damage, you must respond immediately and contact us. The sooner our certified hot water extraction carpet cleaning technicians arrive, the better our chances of thoroughly repairing your carpet/flooring and belongings.

In Canberra, Carpet Hot Water Extraction Is Needed Immediately.

If your laundry machine has overloaded, your dishwasher has exploded, a pipe has broken, or your roof has formed a leak, there are a plethora of unanticipated scenarios that may necessitate emergency Carpet Hot Water Extraction. Before allowing water to soak into the walls and floors, water must be removed.

Our trustworthy machines and methods for Carpet Hot Water Extraction shield your home from mould and water damage. Enable our Canberra Carpet Hot Water Extraction technicians to do everything for you.

Carpet cleaning strategies for Carpet Hot Water Extraction

Our CanberraCarpet Hot Water Extraction Technician will test the damaged areas with advanced equipment to determine the volume of water or moisture in the impacted areas.

High suction extraction devices are used to pump water.

Use an anti-browning treatment to prevent brown water stains on the carpet.

Mould preparation should be used to prevent mould development in infected areas.

Use antimicrobial therapy to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria.

Deodorised carpet using a special absorber deodoriser that not only masks the odour but also attacks and removes the source of the odour.

Our best technology is used to vacuum the carpet, which is dry/steam cleaning.

Information on flood/water losses to help your insurance claims.

Why Do You Count on Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra’s Technicians in Canberra for Carpet Hot Water Extraction? 

Advanced Equipment:

To ensure that we only achieve the best quality, we use the most advanced equipment and cutting-edge technologies to remove every drop of water from the soaked carpet and underlay. We use modern water extraction equipment, leak detection equipment, structural and dehumidification devices, and all of our devices are manufactured in Australia from high-quality materials and are industry-approved.


The IICRC has certified our Canberra flood/water damage reconstruction technicians in Water Restoration Damage (WRT). You should be sure that our technicians can eliminate any signs of water damage, moisture, odour removal and sanitization, toxins, and allergens.


Since Canberra is a large city, we know you have options. There is a lot of competition out there, and not every team is nearly as well qualified, certified, and experienced. With our years of experience, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our Carpet Hot Water Extraction cleaning and repair work.

Carpet Hot Water Extraction Canberra FAQ

Is Hot Water Extraction a good method for washing carpets?

Hot water extraction, unlike other carpet cleaning methods such as carpet shampooing or dry cleaning, does not damage the carpet fibres or leave any residue behind. These machines pump hot water into the carpet, causing any soil to be released deep into the fabrics before draining the water and removing the dirt.

Why does the carpet smell worse after cleaning?

The carpet backing absorbed some moisture during the washing process and is still wet, which is the most likely source of a stale odour after cleaning. If the underlying material is not properly dry, mildew problems may develop, resulting in a musty odour.

Is it worthwhile to hire professional carpet cleaners?

If your home is prone to hard-to-clean spills or accidents, a small cleaner might be a worthwhile investment to have on hand. However, it is highly recommended that you employ a contractor for more detailed cleaning of the whole carpet board.

Is water harmful to the carpet?

Oversaturating the carpet, on the other hand, will allow the backing system to fail over time. This causes the seams to ravel, the backing to dry rot, or the backing to separate from the carpet. Too much water will potentially damage the carpet.

How long would it take for a flooded carpet to dry?

The drying process for a carpet is usually between 7 and 12 hours. Extraction of excess water should start immediately. This time will be decreased if the room has lower humidity, elevated temperature, and fresh air. We will shorten the drying time by using efficient water extraction methods. The drying time is also affected by the thickness of the carpet.

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