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The carpets and rugs in residential vicinities catch more dirt and dust in contrast to what is visible to the naked eyes. If you are looking for residential carpet cleaning in Canberra, look no further. Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra is the carpet cleaning company you are looking for. We are intent to supply top notch house carpet cleaning in Canberra that is in line with Australian Standards. Our range of high power and cutting-edge equipment assists us in providing outstanding service and outcomes to both residential and commercial properties. Whether it is the carpets or rugs in your house that need servicing before a party or need to be cleaned to rid them of the party effects, you can rely on Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra for the rest of your life.

Services We Provide

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Stain removal and spot dye services

Pet urine and odour treatments

Fabric Sofa Cleaning and Protection

Leather Cleaning and Protection

Leather Recolouring

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Water Damage

Anti Allergen Cleaning

Benefits of Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning gets rid of allergens that trigger Asthma and respiratory allergies. Hence it is a healthy environment you create for family members suffering from any of it.

Indoor air quality increases, because the carpets do not house germs and impurity spreading organisms if you opt for regular professional carpet cleaning.

Urine stains of pets and kids are removable by way of carpet cleaning procedures. removes any old odour and spots left by way of urine by your pets.

If there are newborns and toddlers in your house, it is a safety window to get the carpets immaculately cleaned. As it is their natural habit to put any object lying down in their mouths.

Your pets constantly shed hair and fur. Carpet cleaning rids the carpet off dead skin cells, and animal dander of your pets.

The hair and animal dander shed by your pets is a major factor for triggering respiratory disorders. Hence, it is extremely important to not only maintain hygiene of your pet but also ensure cleanliness of the surfaces the pets come in contact with including rugs and carpets.

Carpets get contaminated with allergens and bacteria if they come in contact with flood water that is essentially mixed with sewage water. At such times, the carpets retain moisture and thus leads to mould growth.

The dead skin cells in the carpets also give rise to dust mites which gives rise to your family suffering from issues like sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes, rhinitis, asthma and eczema to name a few. Also, this can be prevented by regular carpet cleaning.

Why Choose Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra?

Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra is a trusted name in the carpet industry. Our team of competent technicians and cleaners are adept at every service we provide. Following listed are the points that will make you choose us for your carpet cleaning services.

We take our customers’ needs seriously and work hard to provide 100% satisfaction to them.

Our cleaning services and results are second-to-none and extremely reliable.

Our technicians are certified and follow high standards of care, hygiene and professionalism.

You are provided express and personalized quotes for the cleaning services you wish to hire us for.

We provide guarantee for our work and the service quality. We will do repeat cleaning for your carpets if there is even slight dissatisfaction from the customer end.

Avail the carpet cleaning services of Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra for your residential premises. Contact our customer support team to get more details of the house carpet cleaning services we offer. They will guide you about the whole process and the service applicable to you. Dial 0480016541 for getting a express booking.


1. What is the period recommended by experts to get the carpets cleaned in residential premises?

Carpet cleaning experts recommend that the cleaning of carpets be undertaken once every 12 months. However, the households that have pets and children should carry out carpet cleaning every 6 months.

2. Are the cleaning agents used by your company safe for toddlers, young children, and pets?

Yes, they are absolutely safe. All our products are environmentally friendly.

3. What are the factors to be kept in mind while choosing a carpet cleaning company?

The certification and licenses of the company, and whether their services are following the Australian standards.

4. Can I lay out the carpet once it has been cleaned?

It is always rational to allow a reasonable amount of time to let it dry before spreading it out on the floor. As dust from your footwear is likely to stick to the carpet because of the moisture remaining in the carpet.

5. Are the cleaning products you use safe for pregnant women?

All products used by the team at Esteem Carpet Cleaning are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Pregnant women can wear surgical masks if they absolutely cannot avoid remaining in the premises.

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