Health Hazards of a Dirty Carpet

Living in a clean and hygienic environment is a must for a healthy life. While public spaces are beyond our control, there are a few things we can do to ensure a healthy environment indoors like carpet cleaning .

Many carpet owners remain in a dilemma of when to avail of carpet cleaning services. While most follow the rule of thumb, it is important to understand that just because your carpets do not look dirty doesn’t mean it isn’t.

There are several germs, bacteria, fungi and dust mites lurking in your carpets. These allergens quickly take a toll on your health making you sick. And, here’s a list of health problems caused by a dirty carpet.

Respiratory Problems

Your carpets absorb everything from pet dander, hair, and soil particles to soil particles and pollen. These ultimately end up in your carpets and remain intact till you force them out. However, upon walking these allergens become airborne and enter inside our bodies.

Those with respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis can suffer the worst around a dirty carpet. These allergens may cause excessive coughing and breathing issues.

Aside from allergic people, a dirty carpet does not spare a healthy being either. If your kids and pets love spending their time lying on the carpets, then these toxic allergens can affect their health gradually.


Allergies are unpleasant physical experiences that can be triggered by a single dust particle, pollen, dust mite, or mould spore. The allergic reaction is different in different human beings. Some may feel a slight headache while some can experience severe skin irritation, swelling, runny nose and sore eyes.

One easy way of getting rid of carpet allergens is vacuuming. However, these allergens become airborne during and after vacuuming. You must use a mask while vacuuming the carpets.

These allergens can make your life worse with every passing day. Therefore, if the frequency of your allergies is increasing it is important to avail professional dust mites cleaning services so these contaminants can be eliminated from your carpets.

Weak Immunity

Your immunity can get weak because of filthy carpets. Yes, that is correct. You spend your entire day working in an office that has dirty carpets and then come back home to witness the same condition. Your body works hard to keep you protected from germs and bacteria. However, with continuous battle, the immunity becomes weak.

And, having a weak immunity means you can fall sick more frequently and easily. Furthermore, growing kids and toddlers have developing immune systems and if they remain in an unhygienic condition, they will continue falling sick.

Therefore, to assuring the healthy life of your kids and loved ones, make sure to keep your carpets clean by availing of professional carpet mould removal services.

Skin Irritation

Carpets are home to several allergens. And, unfortunately, we don’t always keep ourselves covered when walking on the carpeted flooring. Walking barefoot on the dirty carpets means making direct contact with the allergens. Moreover, some contaminants are airborne and can trigger reactions instantly.

When you are sensitive to dust, moulds and bacteria, your skin reacts to these allergens in different ways. Some experience severe itching, swell and rashes while others may have eczema and athlete’s foot.

If you are someone with sensitive skin, it is important that you pay attention to your carpet’s cleanliness. Ensure regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning from time to time.

Mental Problems

Now, what does a mental problem have to do with carpet cleaning? Many carpet owners have the same question. There is an indirect connection between your carpet’s cleanliness and mental problems.

When your carpets are dirty, and your loved ones especially kids keep falling sick regularly, it becomes a major headache for you. Aside from that, dealing with your allergies can be stressful as well.

Furthermore, stress is a major cause of sleeping disorders. Lack of sleep can lead to irritation, decreased productivity and lethargy. With so much going on in your mind, mental problems are likely to follow.

So, if you are worried about stress and mental health, make sure to keep your carpets clean to maintain a healthy environment. This will not only lift your mood but also gives you a sense of satisfaction.

Germs From Pets

Pets make you happier, but they wreak havoc inside your home. Pet urine and faeces contain millions of bacteria. These can easily remain inside your carpets when they are not cleaned properly.

Carpets with pet waste can be extremely dangerous for kids and adults alike. Furthermore, when carpets are wet frequently, it grows mould which makes the situation even worse.

If you are allergic to ammonia and moulds, it is important that you keep your pets under control and carpets clean. Ensure your pets are well-trained and remain hygienic so your health doesn’t remain at risk.

Stomach Illness

Not a lot of people understand how dangerous a wet carpet can be. Damp carpets are a favourite place for moulds and other bacteria. Therefore it is advised to not consume dropped food. Unfortunately, kids, toddlers and pets barely understand the health hazards of consuming contaminated food.

Bacteria living in carpets can give you the worst stomach problems like infections and irritation. In some cases, carpets are host to bacteria like salmonella. These can give you some serious stomach diseases that may be dangerous for your life.

Therefore, make sure to not take carpet cleaning services lightly. Your sincere actions can help in keeping your family safe and healthy!

Final Words

Carpets are an essential part of home décor but are also a hub of bacteria and allergens. To keep your family safe from serious diseases, allergies and mental health problems, make sure to keep your carpets clean by hiring professional services for carpet cleaning !

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