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Esteem Carpet Cleaning is a company based in Canberra that specialises in carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, carpet washing, carpet dry cleaning, pet urine odour removal including same day carpet cleaning services. Our team of competent and dedicated cleaners have the proper qualification and knowledge, along with necessary training and licenses, that guarantee you the best service.

Call Esteem Carpet Cleaning for availing same day carpet cleaning in Canberra. We provide reliable same day carpet cleaning services for offices, homes and private properties in Canberra. Whether you have stains or spills fresh from your pet’s body fluids before an important event at your home, your carpets are guaranteed to look fresh and shining thanks to Esteem Carpet Cleaning aka same day carpet cleaning near me!

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Carpet Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Carpet Repair

Rug Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Flood Damage Restoration

Mat Cleaning

Wet Carpet Emergencies

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Carpet Stain Protection Service

Carpet Flea Treatment

Carpet Cleaning Process Followed at Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra

1. The carpets to be cleaned are thoroughly inspected for the stains and odours that are to be worked on. The possible corrective issues for cleaning the areas are then discussed with the customers.
2. Vacuum cleaner is then used for removing dust mites, loose particles of dust and soil that gets transported into the carpet due to the people coming and going into the house.
3. The technicians then move your furniture that includes any heavy cabinets, shelves, tables, and chairs to begin the carpet cleaning.
4. Hot water extraction method is then used to remove the dirt and dust that is deeply entrenched in the carpet.
5. A disinfectant deodoriser is sprayed over the carpet for vanishing the stain and odour residue.
6. High power drying equipment is used for speedy drying of the carpets. After which the furniture is shifted back to the positions, they were in. another equipment is used to prime the carpet leaving it with a fluffy and a brand new look.
7. After that, the technicians check the entire carpet for any spots remaining and if the client is satisfied with the results.

Our Carpet Cleaning Results

Our carpet cleaners guarantee spotless and shining carpets post procedure. The results are there for you to see when the cleaner finishes removing all the stains and the odours that were previously there. Replacing them with a squeaky-clean carpet with a pleasant citrine smell! You can expect to see:

1. A totally disinfected and sanitized carpet
2. A fresh-looking carpet with a pristine and fresh off the shelf look even when the carpet is years old.
3. The colours of the fibre will look renewed, and no fading of colours happens.
4. You would be protected against mildew, dirt, and mould, for the next few months.
5. Old stains of wine and makeup that refused to go away would be removed.
6. The unpleasant odours that came with urine, wine and other stains would vanish too.

Why Choose us?

Esteem Carpet Cleaners Canberra guarantee excellent cleaning outcomes and are a reputed and affordable upholstery and carpet cleaning company. Their services are fast, reliable, and precise:

The chemicals used for cleaning the carpets, rugs, furnishings, and upholstery are eco-Friendly. And pose no harm to you or your family’s health.

Our online technical support staff operates 24/7 assistance, and they provide you a personalized quote to you.

Our technicians are qualified and experienced at different types of carpet cleaning. They are extremely hardworking and committed to providing the customers the best results.

Since we provide the same day carpet cleaning service for your carpets and rugs, you can rely on us for your emergency Carpet & Rug Cleaning needs. When your toddler spills more milk on the rug rather than drinking it and your boss has been invited to your house the next day for dinner, you know whom to get in touch with!

If in case you are not satisfied with our cleaning services, then we promise we would make sure to do the cleaning again at no extra fee.

Feel free to Contact Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra on  0480016541  for a express booking for getting your expensive upholstery and furnishings cleaned. You are assured to get served with the best and most suitable carpet cleaning option. Call now to get the express booking at the earliest.


1. What are the stains that are not removable?

Removing stains of blood, coffee, ink, colas, curries, juices are few stubborn stains that are difficult to remove.

2. What If I am Not Satisfied with your Carpet Cleaning Service?

We strive to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction based on the services we provide. If despite that, there is some issue, we guarantee to provide recleaning at no additional cost.

3. Is steam cleaning bad for carpets?

Carpet steam cleaning is safe for your carpet, only when it is carried out by professionals. Get in touch with Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra for steam cleaning your carpets and getting same day carpet cleaning.

4. How long does one cleaning procedure take?

One cleaning procedure takes any time between 1-4 hours.

5. Will the pet urine stain and the stubborn odour go away with your carpet cleaning services?

Definitely. Our technicians make use of specialized pet odour and stain removal cleaning agents that are antimicrobial and germicidal that target odours and stains left by pet urine.

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