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Pollutants from outside should be aggressively scrutinized from entering the house. Certain pollutants come home due to the pets while some like dust mites grow due to moisture in the environment. Studies have shown that dust mites and similar allergens thrive and reside in interiors of carpets that serve as natural residences for these microorganisms. These microbes get into mid-air when the carpets are vacuumed degrading the air quality. The dust mite cleaning Narrawa service is capable to put an end to and also to reduce the contamination caused by the dust mites. Our dust mite cleaning technicians first conduct laborious vacuuming of the entire carpeting. After that the carpeting is sprayed with sanitizing liquids for disinfecting the carpeting for further relief. When the dust mite dead bodies on the carpets come into contact with our dust mite cleaning products, the allergic material gets dissolved thus also cleansing the carpets. The carpets become free of allergic materials.

The dust mite cleaning Narrawa service offered by Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra is a highly preferred and in-demand cleaning service available as of now for ridding carpets of dust mites effectively. If you or your family members have been facing dust mite allergies, do not waste time in searching for DIY remedies. Opt for professional dust mite cleaning treatment immediately and finish the menace of dust mites. Contact us at the earliest to protect and rid your carpeting of dust mites and their allergies.

Why Choose Esteemed Carpet Cleaning Canberra?

Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra is a first-rate option carpet cleaning service provider providing services to areas in and the nearby suburbs of Narrawa. Our dust mite cleaning services are among the many preferred carpet cleaning services amongst clients and residents of Narrawa:

  • We offer efficacious carpet cleaning services and dust mite cleaning services executed by our team using safe cleaning solvents.
  • Our carpet dust mite cleaning services delivers immediate respite from dust mites in your carpets and upholstery.
  • We function 24*7 and hence also provide emergency and same day carpet cleaning services for providing assistance to clients in elimination of dust mites from their carpets at the earliest.
  • Our trained and skilled team of carpet cleaning technicians is adept at their job. They are professional and extremely punctual.
  • Our carpet cleaning teams have all the technological know-how to provide you with cleaned and hygienic carpets as soon as possible.
  • Your carpets become functional in purely an hour after our carpet cleaning services are completed.
  • For express quotation and more details on the carpet cleaning service of your choice you just need to give us a call and have a chat with our customer care team.
  • Our cleaning teams have a keen eye for detail and hence give a lot of time and energy to understand what type of carpet damage has occurred and the cleaning technique that would be required in its cleaning.
  • 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us a call at the earliest for obtaining a longstanding solution to your carpeting issues.

Services we provide:

  • Dust Mite Cleaning
  • Carpet Mould Removal
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Same day Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Residential carpet cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning


1. How valid is that carpet cleaning is effective in eliminating dust mites from carpets?

Wherever possible it is worth opting for carpet steam cleaning for the same. The heat released from the steam machine is effective in removal of dust mites and cleansing the carpet off other contaminants. You can keep dust mites from your mattresses at a minimum by putting protective covering on your mattress and vacuum cleaning the mattresses daily.

2. What is the most effective technique to eliminate dust mites from carpeting?

Steam cleaning of carpets is the most effective technique for eliminating dust mites from carpets. The heat circulated from the steam machine helps in dirt removal as well as deep cleans the carpet. Store brought cleansing products are also effective in destroying dust mites from carpeting and furniture.

3. Can dust mites survive in rugs and carpeting?

Dust mites thrive in enclosed conditions that has moisture content. Carpets and rugs that are placed in areas with low ventilation attract dust mites and colonies.

4. Is dust mite cleaning harmless for children, infants and pets?

Yes. Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra utilizes one of the most functional, non-hazardous, carpet cleaning processes that are accessible in the present day.

5. Will professional cleaning harm the quality of my carpet fabric?

No, not at all. Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra does not utilize any severe high pH cleaning agents that can disband the fabric and destroy its quality. Many carpet cleaners assure astounding results post cleaning but the acidic properties in their products cause long-term damage to your carpet.

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