Professional Carpet Dry Cleaning In Canberra

Carpets are the souls of your floorings. It protects the floor and makes your room look more presentable. Carpets are life-long investments. You cannot replace the carpet every time it gets stained or dirty. Therefore, we provide excellent carpet dry cleaning service in Canberra. Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra possesses several years of experience in carpet cleaning. With years of experience and other add-on features like advanced machines, expert cleaners and practical knowledge of carpet cleaning, we thrive to offer quality services of carpet dry cleaning in Canberra.

Carpets are valuable and we understand the need for carpet cleanliness. Our professional carpet cleaners use excellent cleaning techniques to clean your carpets deeply. One of our top services includes carpet dry cleaning. This method is most convenient and quick to carry out. We serve all sites including commercial and residential or domestic structures. No matter how dirty your carpets are, we have the best team to assure complete cleaning. Call us and get connected with the team that will work hard to provide you with an excellent experience of dry cleaning carpet in Canberra.

Why Choose Our Professional Team for Carpet Dry Cleaning In Canberra?

Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra is the most popular choice for carpet cleaning across the horizons of Canberra. We aim to provide excellent services at affordable prices. Here are some features that will make your choice simple:

We provide hassle-free carpet cleaning services and use safe chemicals for the same.

Our dry cleaning services are quick and effective.

You can get cleaned carpets within the same day of booking.

Our excellent cleaners are professionally trained, skilled and certified. They have specified a licence for carpet dry cleaning in Canberra.

We clean out all the stains and make your carpets spotless.

You can walk on your carpets within an hour after our dry cleaning services. We are the best choice for the services of dry cleaning carpet in Canberra. We have transparent services. You can call us and get a express quotation over the phone. Once your carpet is inspected, we finalise the cost. We do not have any hidden policies for extra charges. Our professional cleaners arrive at the site on time and clean the carpets within a few hours. Our professionals listen to all your instructions and special demands. We assure complete customer satisfaction and guaranteed results. Give us a call and forget all your carpet worries.

How Carpet Dry Cleaning Is Different From Steam Cleaning?

Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are the most popular cleaning techniques for carpets. Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra offers both services. However, these two different techniques depending on the situation. If you want deep cleaning with bacteria removal then you must choose steam cleaning and if you want a quick cleaning service within a few hours then you must go for carpet dry cleaning services. Here is the brief difference between these two methods of carpet cleaning:

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the process that includes deep-water cleaning. The core technique of this method is the hot water extraction process. The hot water steam kills the bacterias and harmful germs as well as clean the stains and dust particles. It makes your carpets cleaned completely without a trace of a stain.

Dry Cleaning

As the name suggests, the dry cleaning process does not involve the use of excessive water. Instead of water, cleaning solvents or absorbent compounds are sprinkled on the carpet in this method. Then the carpet is cleaned by vacuum and other machines. This cleaning method allows you to walk on the carpet after one hour of cleaning. So, this cleaning method is the most convenient and quick.

How We Dry Clean Your Carpets?

We follow a systematic procedure to ensure complete carpet cleaning. Here are the four steps we follow:

Inspection of the carpet

We inspect the carpet to identify the fibre of the carpet then we decide the solvents for the carpet material.


We pre-vacuum the carpets to remove all the soil and dust particles. This makes the following procedure smooth and easy.

Carpet washing

We use safe solvents and cleaning agents to dry clean the carpet.


Once the carpet is cleaned, we use the vacuum cleaner machine to dry the carpet and remove all traces of hidden soil or dust particles.

Same Day Carpet Dry Cleaning Service in Canberra

Our dedicated team reaches the site within a few hours of the booking if you want instant dry cleaning carpet in Canberra. We ensure perfect cleaning even in a few hours. Dry cleaning does not take much time and you can walk on the carpet within an hour after cleaning. So, if you are in a hurry and want the best quality dry cleaning for your carpets within a single day then call us immediately. We understand the urgency of the situation and clean the carpet quickly without hassle.

Call Us Right Now to Know More!

If your curtains are lightly soiled and are dirty or stained then this is the best time you should call us for the best carpet dry cleaning service in Canberra. Our cleaning process is safe, quick and effective. We use safe cleaning agents to protect you from any allergies or skin irritations. These solvents are safe for kids and pets too. Without delaying the decision, you must call us right away. Do not neglect even the tiny stain or spot on your carpet. These tiny spots can lead to major awful stains. It is better to have a completely cleaned and fresh carpet for daily use.


1. Is the dry cleaning process safe for the carpets?

Yes. The dry cleaning method is very safe for all types of carpets as this technique does not involve water. Also, we at Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra use safe absorbents for dry cleaning hence there is no risk of carpet damage from our side. Do not worry, carpet dry cleaning is one of the quickest and safe cleaning processes for carpets.

2. Can I ask my common cloth dry cleaner to dry clean my carpet?

No. Carpets are not like regular clothes. Carpets are made up of different types of materials and these materials need specialised treatment. Common dry cleaners will not use special solvents for dry cleaning, however, our expert and professional carpet cleaners use safe and green solvents for curtain dry cleaning in Canberra.

3. Do you dry clean the old carpets?

Yes. We clean all types of carpets, old or new it doesn’t matter. Dry cleaning extends the life of your carpet and makes it shine like before. Do not worry, your carpets are safe with us.

4. What types of machines are used for dry cleaning carpets?

We at Esteem Carpet Cleaning Canberra use the best and latest machines for carpet dry cleaning. We use high-quality vacuums for completely dry cleaning.

5. Can I get my carpets cleaned within a few hours?

Yes. We are always open for emergencies and same day carpet cleaning. You can call us anytime and book the services. You have to talk to the team about the urgency of the situation. The team is prompt and reaches your site within an hour.

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